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Every day our world presents challenges, obstacles, and tragedies compelling us to seek understanding and guidance. The Circle of Prayers provides an arena for people to pray for the individuals and events affecting their lives. Let prayer strengthen your faith.

Pray -create or select an existing prayer topic, then pledge prayers. Send a prayer request to family and  friends listed within your "Prayer Circle" and expand your prayer power.  Pledge prayers for other topics that are personal and contemporary based on each individuals concern.
Blog & Forum - share with the world your views and reflections.

Become a Parish "Prayer Warrior" by posting prayer requests for your parish’s sick, deceased or needy and automatically email to church members in the parish through the Prayer Circle.
Youth Ministry & Children Activities – go to the “kids” section and see the various prayer activities that will encourage our youth to pray.  
Upload Prayer Video, Photo’s and Audio’s for others to review and appreciate.

Web Memorial
- create for deceased loved ones, or select from our fallen military service, law enforcement members, victims of 9/11,  or your favorite sports hero or entertainer and pledge a prayer for them. They all need prayer.

“Prayer Reminder”
- set a date when you will be reminded via email to offer or give thanks in prayer for a personal and meaningful topic.
“Prayer Alerts” - receive notice of our prayer alert seeking your prayer participation on current events affecting us all.

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Recent Prayer Pledges
  • J K from ,Ohio pledged 1 prayers for Personal Guidance - J k
  • J K from ,Ohio pledged 1 prayers for Personal Guidance - J k
  • Estella Kuykendall from , pledged 1 prayers for Sick Friends and Family - Estella Kuykendall
  • pooja desai from MUMBAI,MAHARASHTRA pledged 6 prayers for Employment Issues - POOJA DESAI
  • THERESE CARON from Ventura,California pledged 60 prayers for Personal Guidance - therese caron

Prayer Requests
Create a specific prayer request, than share it with members of your “Prayer Circle,” or the world.
  • Personal Guidance
    Jim DelVecchio
  • For voters to make informed, just and moral decisions when voting
    Michaael F
  • Sick Friends and Family
  • Strength
    Kimberly Perales
  • Fallen Servicemen
    Jeff Stachewicz
My Prayer Pledges Select from the listing or respond to Prayer Requests with your pledge offering to pray a specific number of prayers.

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Prayer Topics
Create a specific prayer request, than share it with members of your “Prayer Circle,” or the world.
  • Those affected by Hurricane Isaac
  • Fallen Servicemen
  • Humility
  • Recently Deceased
  • Healthy Pregnancy